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Website services page

TKMG Products and Services

TKMG offers products and services to the market place that solve clients’ problems by reaching their target audience and attracting new business. Whether it is producing marketing collateral and services,  making phones ring and flooding websites with traffic, or by utilizing direct mail programs and electronic media throughout campaigns, we deliver results!

Print/Collateral Production:

This is the most extensive area of service that we offer on a consistent basis.   Our Print Production Manager has 35-plus years of experience in every facet of the print business. She is heavily involved in every job and sees it through to the end. Service, quality and punctuality are her areas of expertise.

Media Production (TV/Radio)

Kevin Kiechler has produced over 350 television commercials and infomercials, and has shot on location in several different countries.   Kevin has the ability to create and produce successful commercials that deliver results to each client. Whether it be high-end film production with Emmy Award-winning  producers, working with local talent or producing infomercials that create response, he knows what it takes to deliver the results that clients strive for.  This expertise and experience allows TKMG to stand apart from other agencies.

Direct Mail:

Direct Mail is one specific area in which we stand out from the competition. Our design capabilities come from years of experience, as well as partnering with the largest direct mail company in the country.

Through an exclusive contract with our direct mail partner,  we offer a unique solution to our clients through direct mail-a shared mail companion piece available at some of the most competitive rates across the U.S.  Our success rate with direct mail is unprecedented. Challenge us and we will deliver!

Media Buying Services:

TKMG takes a unique approach to media buying. While some agencies simply  place media for their clients, we go above and beyond.  Our media services include data research, negotiations, placement of media, traffic coordination and continuity,  tracking and auditing schedules, post-analysis reports and media billing reconciliation.  These services are done for all media campaigns, from traditional broadcast and print plans to long-form direct response campaigns (infomercials).  The tenacity of our Media Buyer ensures the lowest rates for each campaign and success for each business.

Web Development, SEO, SEM and Social Marketing

We spent years researching the industry before landing some of the sharpest web designers and developers in the market.  They specialize in design, SEO, SEM and back-end analytics.  The most compelling point of difference is our competitive pricing that gives  us even more of a competitive edge.

Direct Sales/Network Marketing

TKMG has over 36 years of cumulative experience building Direct Sales/Network Marketing tools. We have helped build companies from scratch, helped increase the market share of established companies and launched companies in eight different countries. Our approach is to map the most effective route and build strategic bridges among your business goals, marketing strategy and target audience throughout the U.S. and internationally.

expect results!