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Website drive TKMG auto page

Welcome to drive TKMG automotive!

Actually, welcome to  drive TKMG/Numantra!

TKMG and Numantra have joined forces as “sister companies” and together offer the latest in advanced marketing technology for the automotive industry.
If you want to drive direct response programs or produce the finest in TV and radio spot production, this is your solution.

Please click on the button below to experience results!

Because at TKMG, Numantra and Hicks Management & Consulting…you can expect results!

Hicks Management & Consulting has been in the automotive business for over 30 years.  Ben Hicks has participated in some of the biggest buyouts and sells of dealerships in the world.  The staff at Hicks has dealt with the smallest of tasks, such as selling cars, to the giant responsibility of selling an entire dealership.  They offer consultation on any problem related to business.  Hicks has been on the cutting edge of all the industry leaders, which aids the growth into mega dealers.  Hicks Management & Consulting would love to help any business grow, whether it is buying, selling or just needing another set of eyes to ensure the business is running smoothly.  Hicks Management & Consulting is here to serve you, and eager to help in the success of each client!

expect results!