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BrandingWelcome to the exciting world of TKMG!

Kevin Kiechler, Principal of TKMG, The Kiechler Marketing Group and his team of professionals have been developing award winning marketing solutions long before the launch of TKMG. Kevin’s career began 3 decades ago in the marketing and advertising industry. He and his team have worked with clients in all categories, literally around the world.

TKMG thinks strategically, creatively and with production in mind. Whether it is shooting TV commercials on location, producing marketing collaterals, creating direct mail campaigns or building websites with social networking in mind, we deliver the ultimate in quality and never miss a deadline.

Please enjoy our Portfolio section of samples of our work from the drop down menu by clicking on our Portfolio button and remember…always expect results!

Thank you for considering TKMG for your marketing and advertising solutions.

 Kevin Kiechler, Principal and Founder

expect results!