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Website testimonials page

People who got results with TKMG


I chose Kevin Kiechler and TKMG because of his vast knowledge and experience in the network marketing industry. Kevin comes highly recommended and has the same foresight as I do in changing the way business is currently done in this arena. Together, we feel we can bring a fresh approach to marketing of high end products to the field. ”
Matthew Henninger, Chairman and CEO of Promethean Corp

I have been working with the management of TKMG now for almost a year. TKMG provides the service, constant communication and attention to detail that allows them to separate themselves from the others.  That is why we will continue to work with them.”
Dale Long, CEO and Founder of EVCARCO

 I have been involved with marketing projects with Kevin Kiechler over the past 17 years and Kevin has always delivered quality marketing materials and he is extremely creative. When given impossible deadlines…he steps up and always delivers.”
- Sam Caster, Original Founder and Consultant-Mannatech

“I have been working closely with the biggest names in the automobile industry for over 25 years.  I have seen many different approaches to marketing and advertising, but The Kiechler Marketing Group has the most effective way I have ever seen to bring buyers to the dealerships’ front door.”
- Ben Hicks, CEO of Hicks Management & Consulting

” In the past 12 years it has been a pleasure to work with Kevin Kiechler and his dedicated and competent staff of professionals.  With vision, energy and total commitment, Kevin has always gone the extra mile.  His ability to conceptualize and idea and present it in both an original and effective manner has been surpassed by any of his competitors.  Kevin has helped us see our dreams turn into reality and I thank him very much.”
- Scott McKnight, Director of Business Development at Alix Technologies

“This is an unsolicited recommendation, testimonial, endorsement…or whatever one wants to call it.  I call it solid, because this information is important to all of you.  Quite simply, Kevin Kiechler is the most innovative, astounding and original marketing thinker on this planet.  People, I just gave you a great gift, a way to kick your marketing plans up a step; and that gift is Kevin Kiechler and his team at TKMG.”
- Jim Stimpson, President of Mojo Picturewerks

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