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The Kiechler Marketing Group

Our agency is not “category specific.”  While many agencies only specialize in one specific category such as automotive or retail, we specialize in all categories. 

Typically our print production, direct sales and media clients are repeat or retained clients. Direct mail clients tend to be seasonal, bi-monthly or quarterly clients. Web design clients are project based. Public relations, outdoor and print media clients are campaign driven.

We design with the end result in mind, keeping your budget and brand in mind.    When we buy paper for a contractual client with repeat print jobs, we  negotiate annual contracts with suppliers.  Substantial savings can be obtained and this can be passed onto the client.

Our Print Production Manager also serves as our purchasing agent. With 36-plus years of experience, she knows when, where and how to buy for quality, timely delivery and savings.

Every job is seen through from beginning to end and quality control is essential to our success.

Whether it be media placement, direct mail production and execution or television production, each respective personnel oversees every detail to the end.

Expect Results!

expect results!