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News - TKMG Launches Mega-Web Site for ST- Clean



TKMG Launches Mega-Web Site for ST- Clean

  The Chemical LLC has partnered with TKMG and launched a new web site for the superior cleaning products line, ST-Clean, formerly BT-100.  The site comes in conjunction with the move the company is making from Atlanta, Georgia to Carrollton, Texas. 

ST- Clean offers a wide range of cleaning products whose applications are not only superior to all others, but also environmentally safe.  The abilities that are associated with the ST- Clean products are effective for all cleaning tasks, from basic household cleaning to industrial cleaning.  The cost effectiveness in these products is second to none.

Products offered include ST-Clean Multi-Surface Cleaner, ST-Clean Auto Pre-Soak and ST-Clean Auto Wash.  All products contain no acids, no formaldehyde or other harsh solvents, and all are non-toxic. 

The company also offers a Social Enterprise Program to non-profit organizations and their contributors. 

TKMG, a marketing and communications agency based out of Irving, Texas, was a huge part in the development and creativity of the new web site. 

 “My thanks to TKMG for their outstanding work in bringing The Chemical LLC – ST-Clean website to life,” The Chemical LLC’s Karen Conte stated.

TKMG is a marketing and communications based, full-service advertising agency, primarily focused on print and collateral, direct mail production, media buying services, web design, media production (radio and television) and network marketing/direct sales services.

Kevin R. Kiechler, Principal

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