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News - and Horizon Team to Gauge Web Results


22 and Horizon Team to Gauge Web Results has long avoided using ad networks to increase revenue, and for good reason. They haven’t had to.  Their own staff has sold the inventory, which it views as premium.  However, due to the yearn to draw a distinction between and the rest of the Web’s tail, the company wants to prove to buyers and businesses that its ad inventory is worth a lot more, namely because human beings can actually see it.

ESPN has partnered with Horizon Media and the start up firm RealVu, which claims to have the ability to gauge how many ads in a campaign are viewable. These viewable ads appear on a user’s screen long enough so they can be seen, rather than below the fold of a Web page.  Several test campaigns for Horizon clients will roll out this month, ensuring that only viewable impressions will be delivered.

This marks a huge footprint in the digital world, especially amid an ongoing push in the industry to move away from simply recording impressions based on a user’s web page visits, and more toward the ads that are “rendered”, or that physically appear on a user’s screen. 

“There is a real concern that ad dollars are getting expressed across media that isn’t reaching the desired consumer, which means that dollars are being wasted and opportunities for success are limited,” said Donnie Williams, Chief Digital Officer at Horizon.  “A move toward viewability gives a broad spectrum of marketers the best shot at efficacy.”

The testing that is soon to take place jointly with and Horizon will soon reveal what percentage of ads are truly visible to the consumer visiting the Web, and what percentage are receiving a false sense of credibility.

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