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News - SRL Enterprises, Inc. Expands Globally in the MLM Industry



SRL Enterprises, Inc. Expands Globally in the MLM Industry

Las Vegas, Nevada.  February 28, 2011 – SRL Enterprises Inc., a 10-year-old consulting company in the Multi-Level Marketing industry, is primed to launch its new website,, unveiling its new divisions and 21st Century technology.

SRL Enterprises, Inc. was founded by Stephen Lewis, who has been a leader in the network marketing industry for over 30 years.  Mr. Lewis has a background in insurance, real estate and financial planning, has personally been highly successful in MLM for the past 30 years and has established himself as an MLM icon to his peers.  Mr. Lewis has owned profitable MLM companies, been a public speaker to millions of eager ears, authored many publications including his best seller, “Home-Based Business, the Ultimate Tax Deduction”, as well as assisted in the writing of numerous compensation plans.  Mr. Lewis’ team of experts is now looking forward to utilizing their collective, accumulated knowledge and backgrounds to help others achieve a higher level of success.

“This is the 21st century and you will be amazed at the technology that you never knew existed”, states Mr. Lewis.

Mr. Lewis has assembled a team of lawyers, accountants, marketing professionals, software professionals, and many more, who are specifically focused on the MLM industry.  SRL Enterprises, Inc.  has developed a website that will serve as a consulting tool for every aspect of network marketing.  The site will feature numerous 21st Century innovations that will dramatically improve MLM companies at every level, from the basic startup companies to even highly successful corporate companies.

For more information, please contact SRL Enterprises, Inc. at 1-800-922-3456, or visit their website,

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