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News - Orabrush Finds Success with Reverse Marketing Model



Orabrush Finds Success with Reverse Marketing Model

Perhaps one of the most backwards marketing strategies has changed the face of how packaged goods find their way to the national distribution chain.

Orabrush, a tongue-cleaner product brand that found success on YouTube with its icon, Morgan the Tongue, has leveraged the 39-million viewers of its humorous social media videos in order to land the granddaddy of all national accounts- Walmart. 

While their non-traditional means are highly unlikely to work for another brand, Orabrush managed to utilize $28 (yes, ONLY $28) worth of Facebook ads targeted directly to Walmart employees in one region, Northwest Arkansas.  The world of viral and social marketing took care of the rest.  Within 48 hours, Jeffrey Harmon, Chief Marketing Officer, was contacted by the buyer at Walmart, who placed an order for 735,000 units.  A short time later, distribution of the product was confirmed in 35,000 stores.

“We have a reverse marketing model,” Harmon stated.  “Normally you get distribution and your supply chain in order, all packaging and everything perfected, and then launch an ad campaign and start branding it.  We started branding, even changing our logo as we went along and getting everything right messaging-wise, and then two years later we’re in national retail, launching to enough demand that the sales are blowing a lot of retailers away.”

For a brand that has had nearly 40- million YouTube views and 300,000 Facebook fans, they previously had only sold approximately 2,000 units, mainly online.  That will certainly change now, with a power tool like the “store of the community”, Walmart, on their side. 

 “We’re analyzing social information from the neighborhood area of each store to figure out how the interest of that community should dictate what we carry in that store”, Anand Rajaraman, Senior VP for global e-commerce for Walmart, states.

In light of the tremendous success Orabrush has found with social media as their marketing platform to receive Orabrush distribution, Harmon plans to stick with the same plan to move the product off the shelves as well.

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