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News - Super Bowl Ads: What Way is the Right Way?



Super Bowl Ads: What Way is the Right Way?

Perhaps the most anticipated broadcast advertising day is right around the corner: Super Bowl XLV.  With what has become arguably the highest audience-reach day of the year quickly approaching, it also has advertisers meticulously preparing to ensure that these masses of people (and potential customers) see their ad, and more importantly, remember it.

So, what is the “right” way to showcase your spot during this granddaddy of all football games? Some businesses stick to the belief that frequency is key- even when the reach is phenomenal.  Car Max will make its first national debut in the Super Bowl with not only a spot, but two spots.  The Virginia-based marketer will have one spot in the 2nd quarter and one spot in the 3rd quarter.  The company considers themselves lucky to have taken advantage of the last-minute inventory on Fox. 

“I think we got some of the last inventory, because I know Fox was more than 90% sold out when we got our two spots”, states Laura Donahue, VP of Creative Marketing and Advertising for Car Max.

Other well-known chains, such as Pizza Hut and Best Buy, are hoping to have beginners luck in creating buzz about their brand, as they make their first splash ever with a Super Bowl appearance.

Some industries face questions and hurdles that are seemingly impossible to solve.  For example, with all of the auto advertisers lined out, can any one brand really stand out in the traffic jam?

Then there is the question of how social media ties in.  Auto giants Audi and Mercedes-Benz both plan to launch contests leading up to the big game utilizing Facebook and Twitter.  The questions here are in regards to quality vs. quantity….Are contests the most effective way to use these mediums, when the possibilities are seemingly endless? Not only that, but will these contests reach the RIGHT caliber of audience? Should these brands focus more on the quality of engagement as opposed to quantity?  With all other strategies, it’s up for debate.

With all the excitement of the creative plans, both old and new, being unveiled on February 6th, it remains to be seen which brands will be seen and which brands will be truly remembered.

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