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News - Fifth Year Productions Launches “Great by 28″



Fifth Year Productions Launches “Great by 28″


Contact:  Jodi Jones


Fifth Year Productions Set to Launch “Great by 28”

Irving, Texas.  April 26, 2010 – Fifth Year Productions has launched its latest creation this week, an educational series titled “Great by 28”.  The program will be marketed and promoted on a national basis, beginning April 26.

“Great by 28” is an educational tool designed for individuals in the “make it or break it” decade, or those that need guidance with developing a career path for themselves, based on lifestyle goals and desires.  The basic package includes a DVD, a main book that overviews the program, five additional guidebooks and a welcome letter that explains the concept of the program.  Consumers also have the opportunity to purchase additional DVDs and online tests that focus on other related topics. 

Creative layout and production of the infomercial was done by The Kiechler Marketing Group and Emmy Award-winning producer Jim Stimpson.  The 30- minute infomercial will be broadcasted nation-wide.  TKMG will be managing the media schedules and placement for the campaign. 

TKMG is a full-service marketing communications and advertising agency, primarily focused on print and collateral, direct mail production, media buying services, web design/interactive media, media production (radio/television/infomercials) and network marketing/direct sales services.

Kevin R. Kiechler, Principal

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