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News - Albertsons/EVCARO Give-Away Sweepstakes Begins 2010



Albertsons/EVCARO Give-Away Sweepstakes Begins 2010


Contact:  Jodi Jones


Give-Away Sweepstakes Begins 2010

Ft.Worth, TX. February 2, 2010 – Albertsons and EVCARCO, represented by Kevin Kiechler (now President of The Kiechler Marketing Group), successfully concluded their 2010 give-away sweepstakes in January, with the help of Steve Winters, Business Development Manager for TKMG.  The sweepstakes ended by giving away a 2010 Wheego Whip electric car to Texas resident Warneda Smith.  In a press conference after the winner was announced, Smith stated, “As a student, I can not afford the rising gas prices and I was impressed to see an offer to win an electric car.”  It was the first car Ms. Smith has ever owned. 

In addition to the 2010 promotion, Kiechler was also instrumental in the television production for the 2008 Albertsons promotion campaign with Jason Witten of the Dallas Cowboys, and again in 2009 with the photo session that coincided with Albertsons sponsorship promotions at Cowboys Stadium during their inaugural season.   

Albertsons, LLC, is a full-service grocery chain with locations around the country. 

EVCARCO is the first automotive retail group focused on eco-friendly cars and dealerships.  They are bringing to the market the most advanced, clean technologies available in plug-in electric, pre-owned hybrids, hydrogen fuel injection and alternative fuel vehicles.  EVCARCO is developing a dealer network allowing growth into most U.S states by 2012. 

The Kiechler Marketing Group is a marketing based, full-service advertising agency specializing in marketing collateral, branding, response-driven advertising, marketing services, print production, audio/video production and network marketing services and tools.

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