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News - King Architectural Metals recently named TKMG as a preferred partner



King Architectural Metals recently named TKMG as a preferred partner

Dallas, Texas February 24, 2010-King Architectural Metals recently named TKMG as a preferred print production, direct mail and social marketing partner. Mary Ann Hestand will oversee project coordination.

King specializes in architectural, decorative, and light structural metal products. Headquartered in Dallas, locations in Los Angeles and Baltimore allow King to easily ship to all 50 states.

TKMG’s main focus will be on assisting King with their sales collaterals, direct mail campaign and the future concerning social marketing and SEM.

Scott A. Waterbury, Director of Marketing at King, said “I have been handling the buying of printing for over ten years, with two different companies. Printing has become even more competitive in the last couple of years, and the bids are very similar in price. However, TKMG provides the service, constant communication and attention to detail, that allows them to separate themselves from the others and that is why we will continue to work with them.

TKMG prints literally millions of marketing collaterals every year for industries varying from neutraceuticals to residential construction. Mary Ann Hestand, TKMG’s Print Production Manager has over 36 years experience and a sharp eye for ensuring quality deliverables and unsurpassed service.

“Mary Ann knows not only what to look for to make certain every project exceeds our client’s expectations, but she has never missed a deadline. Not once. We are looking forward to a long relationship with King Architectural and we know they are in good hands here at TKMG,” said Kevin Kiechler, Principal of TKMG.

TKMG, The Kiechler Marketing Group, is a marketing based full service advertising agency specializing in marketing collaterals, branding, response driven advertising, marketing services, print production, audio/video production and network marketing services and tools.

Kevin  Kiechler, TKMG, Principal and Founder

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